Ilissa Brownstein - Founding Partner

Ilissa Brownstein is the founding lawyer of Brownstein Legal. Ms. Brownstein has a long history of successfully winning criminal defense cases in New York City.  

Why You Should Choose Brownstein Legal

Tired of never reaching your lawyer?  Tired of your lawyer never returning phone calls?  Tired of talking through secretaries, answering services?  Call, text or email - you are guaranteed to hear from Ilissa Brownstein before you know it.   Ms. Brownstein is always in close touch with her clients and their loved ones.  You will feel she is emotionally invested in your case and in you as a person.

Brownstein Legal specializes in criminal defense (state and federal) and civil rights law (false arrest and police brutality).  

Ilissa Brownstein, Esq., Founding Partner 

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Ilissa Brownstein is a third generation criminal defense attorney, following in the footsteps of her father Howard Brownstein, her grandfathers Aaron Slavetsky and Charlie Brownstein, and her great-uncle Morris Slavetsky

A Strong Commitment to Criminal Defense

Ilissa Brownstein attended Georgetown University Law Center where she received her Juris Doctorate in 2003 and made Dean’s List.  She attended college at the University of Michigan where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.  At the University of Michigan, Ms. Brownstein volunteered at a Juvenile Detention Facility and went to various jails and prisons to celebrate holidays with prisoners.  She also worked with the Ann Arbor homeless population. 

Ms. Brownstein's legal accomplishments are exemplary: At Georgetown Law, she  participated in the country’s preeminent Criminal Justice Clinic, fighting for underprivileged clients in criminal court.  She worked with Georgetown Law Professor Abbe Smith on a clemency petition to release New York’s longest serving female prisoner from her murder sentence. Ms. Brownstein also served as Assistant Editor on Georgetown Law’s prestigious American Criminal Law Review, a publication relied on by attorneys who practice white collar crime across the country.  She also published an article on Employment Crimes.  Ms. Brownstein wrote her law school thesis on sex in prison, studying relationships between inmates and between guards and inmates.

Ilissa Brownstein worked as an attorney at Cahill Gordon & Reindel, the Law Offices of Lawrence Gerzog, Esq. & Jeremy Gutman, Esq. and The Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Defense Division. 

Ilissa Brownstein is on the “Best Lawyers” inmate-made list at Rikers Island and The Tombs.

How Ms. Brownstein Stands Out

  • "When clients hire me we build long-lasting relationships because I fight for them like I would for my family".
  • "When prosecutors deal with me they know my reputation is that I am to be trusted and in turn they give me the benefit of the doubt with my clients".
  • "When judges listen to me they know I am always prepared, articulate and that I tirelessly advocate for my clients".
  • "When jurors observe me they know I genuinely care about my client and they cannot help but care too".

The Power of a Female Attorney

  • It is more acceptable for a female attorney to argue with her intellect, passion, and emotion.
  • Female attorneys are viewed as more genuine and honest in their advocacy which helps persuade juries that you are innocent.
  • Jurors are more accepting of a female attorney who aggressively cross-examines witnesses.